Who we are at Care Moor

We are a non-profit organization focused on providing goods and services to families and individuals in our underfunded communities in central Ohio. Our mission is to simply Care Moor by being present and productive in our local communities.  At Care Moor we strive to uplift our communities through programs that are set up to educate and support the families as well as individuals in central Ohio.  We Believe by simply caring moor we can help people from all walks of life create and reach  personal goals that will  assist in the attainment of a much more positive and productive  lifestyle.  As a non-profit organization we solely rely on donations to run our organization.  We have created an online presence to reach members of our central Ohio communities as well as local events and meetings to give away supplies and donations throughout the city all year long.  Our programs and directives are simple. We stay organized and productive by using a seasonal/quarterly schedule for all of our
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